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eMagazines puts the reader experience above all else so your content can take center stage.

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It reads like a real magazine

Readers can scroll down to continue reading an article or swipe to see the next piece. With full-screen ads, large images, image galleries, and mobile-responsive text, you can be certain that the reader experience is always on-point.

Drive your brand home

There will be no mistaking which magazine they’re reading. Readers will instantly know your brand by the fonts, colors, and overall style. We follow your style guide and match your design for the best mobile reading experience.

Create a better experience with images, videos, and audio

Enhance the digital experience with videos alongside articles. Or, provide high-quality article audio for subscribers who would rather listen to articles than read them.

No downloads, no passwords

Eliminate the confusion and frustration around user accounts. With eMagazines, readers can access a new digital magazine just by clicking your delivery email. Your premium content is secure and your subscribers are happy.

Branded library of entitled issues for ongoing engagement

Offer readers easy access to all of the issues they’re entitled to, whether it’s the issues since they’ve become a subscriber or your entire backlog.
“Can I just say JOB WELL DONE Audiofile magazine. I just opened the digital version on my phone, and it is beautiful and easy to navigate.”
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